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We offer you more than just a product. Our brand represents positivity, empowerment, inspiration, and motivation. We are continually striving to spread good ripples to the community because life is too short for bad vibes.
Stone & Ripples is your one-stop online shop for the best, rare and precious crystals and stones. We take a unique and exclusive approach to provide you with a world of endless options. Coined out of passion and personal commitment for the finest and natural things of life, Stone & Ripples provides you with the perfect collections to give your house the dream looks of natural vibes. Built upon a customer-focused foundation, everything we do is aimed at providing our customers with the best. Our products are meant to make you happy. Our stones and crystals are carefully selected to provide you with the spark and ripple effect that you need to get going with your daily life. Above all, Stone & Ripples as a brand is a dream come true and in return, we hope to make your dreams of a crystal sparkling home come through with every single stone that we offer you. Shop with us today and let our products inspire you to connect further with the freedom and holistic wellness that nature has to offer.
Our Story

Our Story

Stone & Ripples was founded upon a creative spirit and a warm-hearted purpose in Singapore. It has an exciting story of its beginning. "We all have passions in our lives, my love for stones and crystals comes from its hidden treasures and the absolute natural beauty. I have experienced a very joyful journey of collecting stones and crystals around the world and incorporating them into my meditation practice. It was not merely an ordinary journey for me but a safe space to realign myself with Mother Nature, reawaken to nature's healing energies. My aspects of life became more communicative and expansive with me. They were enlightening, rejuvenating, and gave me the inspiration with which one can see life in a brighter light. It sparked creativity in me that I've never felt in years and I just had to do something! So, I decided to come up with an idea to serve the community with my creativity, positivism, inspiration, and passion for stones and crystals. I am happy to share that I have turned my passion into a dream and a brand that will keep spreading good vibes through our products. The products of Stone & Ripples are curated consciously made items charged with the energy to promote healing, invite abundance, offer peace and harmony, and inspire more love and light. We bring consciously made items to you rather than just an ordinary Instagram-able aesthetic home decor. I hope you're satisfied with our products as much as I have a passion for offering them to you. Happy Rippling!" – Founder of S & R
Let your light shine. Be the sun in someone else’s storm.Let your light shine. Be the sun in someone else’s storm.
“The more light you allow within you the brighter the world you live in will be.” – Shakti Gawain

Let your light shine. Be the sun in someone else’s storm.

Our Approach: Diversifying holistic wellness

Our Approach: Diversifying holistic wellness

Our connection and exploration of nature have broadened our perspective about life. At this juncture, we have come to understand that nature provides us all with the tools and resources to achieve holistic wellness and wellbeing just as S & R have taken its approach to provide the missing sparkle in your home through its amazing natural stones and crystals. Unfortunately, in today's world, holistic wellness has become a mirage especially to a select few who have been marginalized from all angles including sexuality, gender, and ethnicity. For us, at Stone & Ripples, we understand that nature has no boundaries, nature is not defined by gender or sexuality hence we have taken the same approach in dealing with our customers. So, everyone is welcomed as we create an enabling environment where everyone gets to enjoy the right sense of belonging. We help you create an environment that fuels your confidence as a person and provides you with the things you need to live a better life.
Explore Our Catalog

Explore Our Catalog

The quality of our products is highly superior yet affordable. We keep our customers in mind and set a price that is acceptable for every individual. We always work harder to seek unique, rare, and beautiful stones and crystals to serve you better. We don't compromise on quality. We pick every piece as if they were for us.

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